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Doubt about the breed of an adopted dog, in Spain.

Dear Ladies/Sirs,
We have just adopted a dog, and looking for her breed, we think that maybe it is an Norwegian breed, maybe HygenHound ? hareHunder I think in Norwegian language?
Could you please help us, trying to know his breed?
Maybe you can give me some email address for a quick query

Thanks a lot in advance, and thank you very much for your time
best regards,

Roberto Blas


  • Hi,

    The Norwegian breed Hygenhound is a very rare breed also in Norway. Of course it's not possible to be sure but the chance of a Hygenhound is the origin of this dog is pretty slim.

    There are a lot of different hound breeds all over the world and also in Spain. For example the Spanish hound (Sabueso Espanol) could maybe be a more possible source for the origin of your dog.

    Congtratulations and the best of luck with your newly adopted dog, looks like she's now got a good home."

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